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We offer a variety of digital marketing services including:

How we use SEO to help your agricultural company

Farmers and business owners come to us with common problems. This includes outdated or unhelpful content, the website isn’t mobile-friendly, the sites aren’t yet moved to HTTPS, and no user tracking is utilized.

70% of small businesses don’t even have an SEO strategy, and many of them don’t know what it is. So what benefits can you receive from having good SEO?

Marketing Services for Agriculture Companies

The “big bang” approach of blasting advertisements for your business to everyone and hoping that it will generate traffic and create leads is outdated. Today, it’s all about highly targeted and personalized approaches to appeal to a specific target audience that is more likely to buy from you. We work together to understand your business and create a bespoke SEO strategy focused on your needs.

SEO is a long-term strategy, but you may see quick wins in the short-term. With a website optimized for conversions, you may see higher conversion rates in the form of more leads and sales.

Agricultural SEO Services

Onsite SEO

Onsite or On-page SEO is a key component of a website in any industry. We perform a full comprehensive audit of your website and strategy to identify strengths and weaknesses to improve on. This includes a careful look into the structure of your website, content and image quality, keyword density and conversion optimization.

Content Optimization and Marketing

Content that persuades people to buy can be very different from general informational content that give people important information that they need. We help you to identify the pages for these two intents and have them rewritten and republished for improved results. This will also be complementary to a link building and PR strategy to have websites link to your informational articles and help you build authority in your industry and community.

Lead Generation

It’s important to have good copywriting for your web sales pages so that visitors who read about your products and services are more likely to buy. We work with you to focus on ranking for keywords that bring in qualified leads while generating a good return on investment.

We also offer web design services of all budget ranges, so in some cases, if we feel your marketing budget would benefit from a major change, we may recommend other services to help with the campaign.

SEO For Agricultural Businesses

Many of our clients prefer to focus on growing their farm business while leaving their online marketing and SEO activities to us. Certain elements of SEO can be time-consuming, and often it is time which agricultural businesses don’t have. SEO offers you the opportunity to open up new markets and increase revenue for your farm. Choose from our packages to improve your brand awareness and ensure potential customers are aware of you on a local and national level.

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Included and Additional Services

Let us manage your Search Engine Optimization and local listings so you focus on your area of expertise

When planning your strategy, studying your competition and capturing data is essential. One way to stay above your competitors is to find the best keywords for your business. This helps to expand your search presence.

Specifically, this involves building your website content using information and language that best matches the search terms online for your target audience. Being able to understand and find relevant keywords on search engines like Google and Bing will help you to optimize your site and show up as one of the first results on search engines.

If you want to spend less, appear higher on search results, and claim the largest ROI, you need to know how you stack up compared to your competition. Competitor analysis is all about finding gaps in the market and how you can improve your strategy to draw traffic and leads away from them. We’ll analyze their PPC campaigns, SEO strategy, remarketing efforts, content marketing, email campaigns, and other digital marketing-related elements to identify what is working and opportunities for us to gain market share among users.

If you’re spinning your wheels trying to rank on Google, it’s time to get a proven expert to help. We’ve helped other agricultural businesses increase their search rankings and bring in new customers. With our guidance, you’re sure to grow your business to new heights.

Tactics for eCommerce SEO center around focusing on relevant keywords to find your ideal customer and generate sales. It’s also about improving the user experience to encourage shoppers to make a purchase, and crafting outreach opportunities to increase the chances of people visiting your site.

Technical SEO can be defined as optimizing your website to allow Google to crawl and index your site more efficiently. This usually means you’ll be positioned higher on search results since Google has a better understanding of what your website is about and knows you will provide a good user experience. Search engines will give more preferential treatment to sites that display high-quality technical characteristics and meet the expectations of their algorithm. Here are a few strategies we deploy to optimize the security and structure of your website:

  • Utilize SSL
  • Ensure the website is mobile-friendly
  • Increase the page speed of your site
  • Create an XML sitemap to tell Google where each page is
  • Register your website with Bing Webmaster Tools and Google Search Console

Creating a link building strategy centered around your agricultural service area is essential. We perform targeted outreach to authoritative websites that offer a link building opportunity. Many reputable farm magazines and agriculture news sites publish articles daily, and receiving inbound links from them will drive more clicks to your site. It also establishes the credibility of your site and will allow Google to share your business with more people. This allows new users from other sites to learn about your farm business.

We start by performing an audit on your site to determine the effectiveness of your current campaign. With our audit, we use dozens of ranking factors such as keyword usage, page speed, site security, mobile-friendliness, and much more. Our audit report will show you a list of actionable items for optimizing your website.

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