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Roofing SEO: The Ultimate Guide

As a roofing company, when you can optimize your roofing website by using methods to appear on the first page of Google as well as other search engine results, it is referred to as roofing SEO.

Most of our customers that have been able to grow online can accredit their success to roofing SEO. Long gone are the days whereby people used yellow pages and newspapers to search for businesses. If customers are presently in need of a roofer, they search for roofing companies online. 

Customers are using their computers, smartphones as well as smart devices to access the internet so they can look for the solutions to their businesses online. Without a doubt, the internet will not disappear soon; in fact, every day, there are new emerging trends. 

As a budding roofing enterprise that aims to grow its business, you should invest in smart yet aggressive roofing search engine optimization tactics that will make your business more visible to potential clients. There is a lot of competition from rivals. Any roofing website that hopes to stand the test of time is investing in keywords and the want to get started in the link building of their website.

As a roofing website that wants to gain leads and attract a lot of potential customers from search engines like Google, pursuing SEO for roofing contractors is a smart move.

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What is Roofing SEO?

Roofing SEO is the process of optimizing your roofing website using both onsite and offsite optimization techniques so that you appear higher up in the search engine results pages for searches that are relevant to your roofing business. The higher you rank, the better your chances are of attracting visitors and potential customers to your site.


Why Would You Need Roofing SEO Services?

You will need to have a great roofing company already set in place. As a business owner offering roofing services, digital marketing can take your business to the next level. What this should achieve for your business is making it more visible to potential clients.

Most of the people searching Google and other search engines for a roofing website will most likely not go beyond page two of their search results. Most of them do not even go beyond the first page of the search results. What does this tell you? Your business needs to be visible. This is where roofing optimization for roofing contractors comes in handy.

Let’s say that you are the owner of a Bay Area roofing business. When a client looks for Bay Area roofers or roofers in the Bay Area, your page should appear on the first page of the search results.

A well organized Roofing SEO campaign can help rank your page higher on Google. This will end up boosting your engagement on social media which will lead to more sales. You can use advertisements to sell your business or concentrate on using an optimization campaign to make your business visible.

SEO (short for Search Engine Optimization) is a less aggressive way of advertising your business. Most of your potential customers do not know that you are promoting your business even though you are. You can get started on your business today.

All you need to do is turn your roofing optimization leads into customers. It is possible to achieve this since you already have an operating business in place. 

What Is Your Roofing SEO Strategy and Keywords?

Digital marketing should not be treated as an afterthought. As a business, you should have a strategy in place. If you do not already have a strategy in place of how you are going to go about optimizing your content, then it is time to formulate a plan.

What kind of words can a potential client use if they are trying to find your roofing business? The words that a potential lead or customers use to find your business can be used as keywords. When you use the right keywords you avoid getting a poor percentage when it comes to the bounce rate of your page.

The keywords used while looking for a roofing business are what will direct potential leads towards your roofing website and social media page. Understand what is likely to make your page more visible in the Google My Business and Google Maps search results. Selecting the right keywords will help you to be able to formulate useful content.

What kind of questions are your clients asking? What do they want to know? What are they looking for? You cannot ignore their queries. Keyword research needs to be effective and precise.

You want to use keywords that target the areas where you offer your services. Your keywords should rule out the people whom you do not wish to engage. If, for example, your roofing business is only located in LA, your Optimization tactics should only aim to engage people in that area. Use the relevant keywords in your content.

When you are unable to target the people you need visiting your page, your business is likely to not rank high in the search engines. Why? When people who are not interested in your business click on your link, they will be quick to leave your page.

We like roofing customers who come to us with queries and problems because we love giving them the solutions.

More about On-page and Off-page SEO for Roofers

Internet users who do not have much knowledge about optimization have a bit of knowledge about on-page SEO. On-page SEO is associated with the adjustment of images, content creation, and the use of keywords on your page.

Google algorithms are always changing, and search engines like Google can rank you based on words that haven’t appeared in your text. If you want to be more visible on Google, you should use the selected keywords on the headers of the content you are writing. Utilize the keywords in the same way in the title tags and meta descriptions.

If, as a roofing business, you give service to different localities, including a page where you mention the areas where your services can be found. Create unique content on your website. Content that is copied and pasted on your page does not help customers.

Google is not fond of content that does not add value.

Off-page SEO mainly consists of backlinks and social media posts. You can get a good response from posting engaging content, networking with roofing influencers and bloggers, creating guest posts in other related websites (which will then give you a backlink), and posting on social media.

Work with a credible, Roofing SEO agency

We know how search results and Google algorithms works. We have worked with roofing companies like yours, and we know what you are looking for – leads and return on your investments.

You want to make sure you have the best for your roofing business, and so do we. Let us partner with you and make sure we succeed together. When you are happy, so are we.

Give us a call on your phone number, send us a message on social media, or shoot us an email. We can address your SEO and roofing business needs.

What are the types of SEO?

A majority of online interactions with businesses start when a person finds reliable Google search results on the Google engines. Investing in a working SEO strategy is the surest way to get results for your business.

Now that you are thinking about search engine optimization have you thought of the type of optimization strategies that you are going to use? Before you decide on the SEO strategy that you are going to use to facilitate link building on Google, learn more about the different available options.

Get to know more about the good and the bad and decide what works and what doesn’t. Knowing the different effective link building campaigns on Google will help you to pick out one that can generate profit.


The main types of SEO strategies used.


White Hat SEO

Among all other recommended SEO techniques, White Hat SEO is the most recommended by Google. White hat SEO follows all of Google’s directives, and it will help your business attract more traffic via Google to your roofing website.

This strategy also employs several methods. It includes the optimization of your website’s HTML. HTML, which is the abbreviation for Hypertext Markup Language, is among the many languages used to create a web page.

HTML involves cleaning up codes that are messy on your website. You can as well remove text that does not add any value to your link building user experience. Cleaning up your roofing website will make it rank higher.

Make your site is user friendly. The only way your website can be user friendly is if it is easy to navigate and if your page has an attractive design. This way, your users are likely going to revisit your page.

When customers have a good user experience while navigating your website they will come back to the page.

It is as well important to note that people are attracted to what they can be able to see. For this reason, it is essential to use appealing images and videos on your roofing website or page.

Social media sharing is important. Sharing the content from your website on social media will help with your online presence and help your page rank higher in search engines.

Voice Search SEO 

Voice search is among the newest trends in SEO. As a roofing business on Google, you just have to make sure that you optimize your website in terms of words that your clients can use verbally to find you.

As android phones, IOs phones, as well as Google keep developing their voice recognition apps and tool, voice recognition is likely to continue being used by many.

Make sure that you format your content in such a way that it will be easily visible. You can add common slang words that individuals use to search for information about roofing on your website.

Local SEO

As a local business trying to target local clients, you can employ local SEO strategies to help you drive traffic your way and to help you attract more roofing clients your way. This can also include optimization for your Google My Business listing.

Enterprise SEO

The method comes in handy when you have other competitors who use similar keywords to those on your roofing website. With enterprise optimization you will be able to compete to use more keywords that will make you visible and increase your online presence.

  • Ecommerce
  • On-Page
  • Off-Page
  • Technical

As a company, you can use a variety of roofing digital marketing techniques or combine two methods to add value to your business.

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How Much Does SEO for your Roofing Business Cost per Month?

When you want to access a professional in roofing optimization, you need to pay for the professionals’ services. The cost will vary depending on the expertise of the professional, their reputation, and how much an agency prefers to charge.

However, it’s essential to consider quality rather than cost. It will enable you to have access to better service rather than just getting cheap services.

More and more roofing businesses are on the rise in the roofing industry today. Now more than ever, you need to be thinking about how you can put your company at the top of the chain.

If you want to set your business at the top, your website needs to be top shelf so it can make it to the first page of Google search engine.

Though estimates of roofing SEO services can vary depending on the roofing experts you chose to work with; estimates give you a rough idea of how much you are likely going to spend.

Monthly services range in-between $850 -$1800. While some people use monthly retainers once, it’s more advantageous to use the retainer for more extended periods.

It can help you cut on costs and will help you to ensure that your website’s SEO will be on track. You will be able to have a better working relationship with your roofing optimization providers.

This results in higher rankings on Google and quality content that is useful to your viewers.

Criteria to use while choosing the best payment method

 Choosing the best method for the payment of your roofing optimization service is very important. It helps you get both quality services at an affordable price at the same time. You can consider;

Size of the organization

The size of your organization will help you plan your finances. If it’s a small company, you may opt to pay a single expert rather than a firm to take care of your Google SEO needs. A more prominent company would go for a firm; hence hourly payments work in favor of a small company rather than monthly payments, which seem more expensive.

The complexity of the task

More work input is needed. It’s more important to go for a longer working relationship to stabilize your business while selling your roofing services. At the same time, if the work is not much, the hourly payment might be the better option.

Amount of work

A considerable workload can take a longer time to complete, and hence some clients may opt for more extended modes of payment.

Two other payment options

Except for the monthly retainer, there are other main types of pricing options. This includes the hourly SEO payment method and the project-based method.

Hourly payments

Hourly pricing looks lucrative because it is broken down to small bits of cash hence easy to access. When a roofing website requires less work, some clients prefer to use hourly payments to get roofing SEO services.

Merits Accountability 

Due to the hour policy, your SEO campaign is thoroughly taken care of. This enables you to be accountable for every dollar spent on the campaign.

Cost estimation

It is easier to note down how much cash is needed because of the specificity of the hours used.


Results are not instant

It takes some time to see the results of the work done. Hence more time may be taken to ensure that the set goal is achieved.

No business relationship

This type of model of payment causes less interaction between the client and the roofing SEO expert, time that could have helped improve not only their working relationship but also used to exchange ideas on the task given

No oversight 

While the monthly payment offers oversight role to the expert during the monthly period, this is not the case for hourly payment. After the expert has done their work and the client is satisfied, he terminates the relationship; hence the client does the oversight.

Project-based Roofing SEO 

This is when you acquire a firm to service your Google search engine optimization for a specified period. This will include both giving SEO service and maintenance of their roofing website, hence running your SEO campaign to better rankings.

It lasts a longer duration of time to ensure the achievement of goals. Estimates can lie between $1000 to $25000.


Fewer updates

Instead of the hourly updates, the expert may give more infrequent updates due to the more extended period of work. It provides a flexible payment method. When the contract is made, it allows you to pay cash during certain intervals as discussed in the contract hence enabling you to take care of your finances

Allows you to focus on your weaknesses

You can take time on the areas you feel you’re weak at and improve.



Some SEO companies can take advantage of the client and charge a lot more than the actual project would cost in the project.


Due to the prolonged duration of the projects, some projects can lag working, and the person may have to hurry up later in the project to catch up.

Pay on performance

This is whereby the SEO service provider is paid after the work that has been done bares fruits. There two types;

  • Based on rankings: It is when the roofing service gets better rankings, and ranks on top of Google’s page.
  • Based on sales: It is when the roofing firm makes sales based on the rankings brought about by the SEO service provider

Cheap is expensive: why you should avoid inexpensive roofing SEO services

Some SEO service providers charge a lot more than the market standard, and it may seem that SEO professionals are expensive. They are not. People who have chosen to hire the services of Cheap SEO providers did not end up with what they wanted.

Instead of getting quality services, they ended up being disappointed. Low-quality content will weigh down your business. Instead of looking for cheap services, opt for quality, but affordable roofing SEO providers.

You will be less stressed, which means no wrinkles. You’re happy, and your roofing website is happy as well. Come to us when you are wondering who to trust. We are reliable.

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How Much Do SEO Consultants Charge?

An optimization consultant’s fees are based on several factors; these include the consultant’s tools and software, the reputation of the company, and the staff’s experience. All of these factors determine how much they are likely going to charge.

Note that SEO consultants can at times be expensive. The rates range from hourly, monthly, project-based, and performance-based, depending on the option you choose.

Why Should I Hire a SEO Consultant?

It is money-saving

Software used for optimization is expensive. The software is used by experts who have vast knowledge and experience. This makes it less costly for you since you can get both the skill and use of the software to enhance your local search at an affordable rate through the contractors.  


Though it is not utterly impossible to learn the art of optimizing content, it takes time and requires a lot of dedication and commitment.

Having a consultant not only reduces the burden of updating, maintaining, and learning about  the latest tech for optimization, it  also allows you to have enough time to concentrate on what you do best. You can concentrate on roofing.

Ensures you get targeted traffic

Sometimes people are unable to get what they were looking for on the internet. A consultant can ensure that potential customers get to your service pages quickly. They use the right keywords and other methods to ensure that organic targeted traffic gets to your website.

This way, the client will end up being satisfied, and they will be able to access your roofing website.

Give excellent results

Due to their vast knowledge of the topic and experience, they ensure that you get the best of what they can give. They have been exposed to different roofing SEO techniques; hence they know what to do to get specific results. They ensure that you get both better rankings and positive feedback from your target market.

They can keep up with new SEO technology

Through the use of new technology, they can ensure that the best services are given to you. They are always up to date with new tech in their field of work.

Maintaining website

Your roofing website needs to be redesigned now and then to ensure it continually ranks better each time. Any sluggishness in maintaining your website causes a fall in ranking. There is a need to do proper planning to ensure consistency in current organic traffic.

How to choose the best SEO consultant to work with


It is common to choose cost as the main factor while hiring a local SEO consultant. It allows you to maintain your budget, and you can plan on your finances to avoid straining your business.

Even as you chose an expert based on their affordability, you should still ensure that you work with the best. It will only be possible if you are willing to invest in a roofing SEO professional who cares.

Visit our service pages and see what we can offer you.


In your search, you will realize that they are many consultants out there. Choosing the best roofing SEO consultant can become a tedious task. This is where reputation comes in; roofing SEO consultants with a good reputation can reduce the workload.

Due to their excellent reputation, you will be able to find them easily.


Your search results can bring you to a competent professional with little to no experience. It becomes more comfortable for you to trust roofing SEO consultants with adequate expertise to give you the best services.

Such an expert knows exactly what to do to achieve certain objectives. This significantly plays to your advantage.


An expert who can give you information at the right time consistently about the achievement made is irreplaceable—knowing when to talk and how to talk and deal with you as their client is essential. This allows you to learn more from them on issues concerning SEO roofing.

Services given

Services can include Google My Business, YouTube SEO, Facebook SEO, and Instagram SEO, which allows your roofing website to get the targeted traffic. Apart from this, the tools and software used can also provide a better experience on your website.

Choose a consultant who acts as a one-stop-shop and who has a good package deal for both on-page and off-page optimization.

You Need a Certified Roofing SEO Expert Working on Your Website: 5 Reasons Why

The roofing SEO industry has become competitive. Several roofing companies are on the lookout for roofing SEO experts who know about what they are doing. Even as this is the case, sadly, most roofing services do not fully understand the roofing industry.

They are a variety of experts in SEO, but do the service providers you are on the lookout to know about your business?

You do not want to have just any expert working with you on the optimization of your roofing website; you need a roofing contractors SEO experts.

We are certified roofing contractors optimization experts, and we can be of assistance. We have been working with roofing companies, listening to their problems, and giving them solutions for some time now.

We know that you highly regard your roofing business. You have taken the time to get the right tools for your job and bring on board a great team.

We are just like you. We take the time to understand your business, understand which tactics will work for your business, and equip you for the online battle with your competitors.

We care about roofing search engine results you will get, and we want to use the skills that we possess to give you success. You can come to us when you need to drive more traffic to your roofing website or even when you need to gain more profits.

You can hire any digital marketing roofing professional, but why not hire a certified optimization roofing professional to take your journey? Here is why you should;

  • We are a marketing company with 10+ years of experience in SEO. We have been serving different roofing companies, and we can help you as well.
  • Knowledge of the roofing industry. We know what we are doing. Feel at ease when you trust a professional.
  • Custom roofing campaigns. We do not employ the same strategies for each business. We understand your business and suggest what works for you.
  • Professional customer service experience. Call us. Get to talk to someone ready to listen to you and answer your questions.

We are the best roofing SEO experts around. We can help. Contact us today – we are just a call or email away!