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Topical Authority Article Service

Topical Authority Article Service

Show Google that You are the Expert In your Industry With Comprehensive, Well-Written Articles that Generate Traffic and Increase Revenue

The Problem: Google Doesn't Trust You!

Whether your website is new or has been around for awhile, you have NO credibility in Google’s eyes until you prove to them that you are an authority in your niche.

So…How do you earn their trust?

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The Solution: Demonstrate Your Expertise, & The Rankings and Traffic Will Follow

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In order to establish that credibility and confirm your proficiency, your website needs to cover popular subtopics and answer common questions related to your main topic.

This is where we come in!

We have been in the Digital Marketing game for over 15 years, and have the tools and knowledge to dig up what Google is expecting to find on your website.

Step 1: Order And Choose Your Topics

Once you place your order, we will use our topical research tools to brainstorm article ideas that will showcase your expertise in your niche. You then review the list and choose the subtopics that you want us to cover.

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Step 2: Let Our Writers Work Their Magic

Once we have your topic choices, our team of writers creates optimized content that is informative, well-written, and is crafted with the intent of the user in mind.

Step 3: Publish Your Content And Wait For Google To Show The Love

Once your order is completed, we will send your topical authority articles your way. You can then publish them at your earliest convenience.

Once Google indexes and ranks these, you will gradually see an increase in traffic, leads, and ultimately sales.

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Topical authority refers to a website’s expertise, credibility, and overall knowledge of a specific topic or niche. To take a deeper dive into the concept, visit our Topical Authority guide.

The rate for our topical authority article service is 5 cents per word, or $50 per 1000 word article (orders are sold in batches of 5). This rate includes topic research, Surfer optimization and creation of the content.

The default word count for each article is 1000 words, unless you specify otherwise when ordering.

The ETA on each order depends on the total article or word count. A general delivery time would be 5 business days for 10,000 words or less, and an additional 5 business days for every additional 10k words.

We allow 1 revision per article. Because each article is optimized based on each specific topic, multiple revisions increase the chance that the content will not rank well.

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